Yafa is an Arabian city located on the east coast of the Mediterranean sea.

It’s considered as Palestine’s main window to the Mediterranean sea, and one of its important doors. It used to play an important role in connecting Palestine to the outside world, in terms of being a primary station. Yafa port is Palestine’s first port in terms of economical, and trading importance.

Yafa is located north-west Jerusalem.

Yafa’s history is a live feed to Palestine’s history throughout the ages, its history began 4000 B.C, when the Canaanites build the city, and it was like an empire. The Pharaohs, The Persians, the Greek, and the Romans invaded the city, then the Islamic leader Amro Bin Alaas freed the city, until the Ottomans invaded it, and after the 1948 war Zionist forces invaded the city.

Yaafas size is 17510 Donm. Its population in 1922 was 47709 people, and in 1947 they were 72000 people.

The city of Yaafa is an important trading center because of its ports. It was also a cultural center, where most Palestinian newspapers and magazines were published. The Schools in Yaafa before 1948 were 47 schools, 17 boys schools, 11 girls schools, and 19 mixed schools.

It also had 6 main markets, 4 hospitals, and about 12 mosques.

Yafa played a big role in fighting the British invader because from Yafa the 1920 revolution took place, the 1936 strike, and the 1936 revolution.

The citizens of Yafa in 1948 were 3651, in 1965 they were 10000, and now they’re about 20000.