The Zionist Occupation Before 1948

First: The period before the year 1948

The first Zionist conference in 29/8/1897: This conference was held in the city of Bazel in Switzerland, where was the establishment of Zionism and Palestine was chose to be a homeland for Jews.

The fourth Zionist conference in 1904: In this conference Argentina was approved to be the homeland for Jews.

In 1906 the Zionism parliament decided that the homeland for Jews is going to be in Palestine.

In 1914 with the beginning of the first world war the united kingdom promised the Arabs to help them get their independence from the Ottoman Empire in the condition of entering the war along with the united kingdom against the Ottoman empire which entered the war along with Germany.


The Sykes-Picot Agreement was signed between France and Britain to share the Ottoman empire, under this agreement Syria and Lebanon where put under the control of France, and Jordan and Iraq where put under the control of the United kingdom. Palestine was agreed to be an international area.


In 2 November 1917 the British government published the Balfour declaration in the form of a letter send by its foreign minister James Arthur Balfour to the leader of Zionism where Balfour pledged that the queens government will do its best to achieve the goal of making Palestine a homeland for Jews.

In 1918: As a result of the Balfour declaration the Jewish immigration to Palestine started.


The First Palestinian conference: In this conference the Arabs and Palestinians condemned and refused the Balfour declaration.


The revolutions started and the “twenty’s revolution” took place.


The Conference of San Remo was held, in this conference the participated countries approved the Balfour declaration, and the British mandate on Palestine was imposed.


The commencement of the British civilian rule on Palestine, and Herbert Samuel was set as a representative in Palestine.


With Herbert Samuel as a representative in Palestine, Palestinian lands were sold to Jews, which was the beginning of the Zionist occupation.


The Yafa revolution between the Palestinians and Jews broke out.


The first white book

In 3/7/1922 the British government published the white book in the purpose of explaining the Balfour declaration to reassure the Arabs.

In 24/7/1922 the united nations approved the instrument of the British mandate on Palestine.

The Protests/The Buraq revolution

In August 1929 the first wide attack launched by the Arabs against Jews took place in Jerusalem, in this fight the Arabs killed 133 Jew and 116 Arab was killed.

The united kingdom promised the Jews to help them build up a homeland for them in Palestine, As long as the rights of the natives are preserved, but even until now Britain didn’t achieve her promise for the Arabs to protect their civilian and religious rights.


The second white book

The British minister of colonies “Lord Basfield” published a second white book  identified the number of Jewish immigrants.


The six months strike because of  the confiscation of Palestinian lands and the Jewish immigration.


The Palestinian Great Revolt


44 slaughters were committed against the people of Palestine.


The Division plan

After Seven years of wars and with Britain’s desire to withdraw from its military camps, the united kingdom decided to leave Palestine and asked the UN to present its recommendations.

Where a project to divide Palestine to two countries Palestinian and Jewish was proposed As long as Jerusalem stays as an international area.

This Proposal was approved by 33 members and refused by 13 with the aid of the Soviet Union and The United States Of America with Britain’s omission from voting.


Haem Wizeman gets a promise from the president of the united states Henry Truman to create a Jewish nation.


As a result of Trumans promise the united nations approves an American project that cancels the division plan.


When the Jewish leaders ensured Britain’s desire to withdraw from Palestine in 15/5/1948, Zionism decided in Tal Abeeb in 14 May to form a parliament that represents the Jewish people and Zionism, that parliament declared the creation of the Jewish nation in Palestine called Israel and the immigration door was opened to all Jews.


The first Arab-Israel War

In 15 May after a day of declaring the establishment of Israel armies from Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq with other arab and Palestinian fighters started an overall war against Zionism.

The war stopped after four cease-fire declarations by the UN between Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria.

One of the results of this war was the occupation of 78% of Palestinians lands by Israel and the flee of more than 750000 Palestinians.


The United nations relief and works agency for refugees “UNRWA” was established.