Tawfeek Ameen Zaiad


Tawfeek Ameen Zaiad


Tawfeek Ameen Zaiad was born in the city of Al-Nasera in the seventh of may 1929.

He learned in the high school in Al-Nasera, where his political personality started to form, and his gift of poetry started to appear. Then he travelled to Moscow to study the Soviet literature.

He participated throughout the years he lived in the Palestinian political life in Palestine, and fought for the rights of his people.

He was president of the Al-Nasera municipality 3 times during three election periods (1975-1994).


Tawfeek Zaiad played a big role in the day of land strike in 30 Mars 1975, when thousand Palestinians protested against the confiscation of the Palestinian lands.

He worked in newspapers, and in the fifties he was a great poet. His poetry flowed with the increase of the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people. So he viewed the struggle of the Palestinian people.


Tawfeek Zaiad has many famous literature writings, he also translated many Russian literature writings.

The attempt of assassinating Tawfeek Zaiad:

Tawfeek Ameen Zaiad was always targeted from the Israel, because they saw that he was one of the primary symbols of the struggle of the Palestinian people, and his rejection of the Israeli government.

The number of attacks that his house witnessed, even when he was a president of municipality are countless.

When the government tried to fail the strike in 30 Mars 1976 they attacked his house and assaulted everyone who was in it.

The assault happened again in the Sabra and Shateela strike in 1982, and in the 1990 strike. Countless times his family members, and guests were wounded as a result of these assaults, which were committed while searching for Tawfeek Ameen Zaiad himself.

His Death:

Tawfeek Ameen Zaiad died as a result of a road accident in 5 of July 1994, while he was on his way to meet Yaser Arafaat, who was coming back from Areeha after the Oslo agreements.