Sameeh Al-Qasem


Sameeh Al-Qasem

Sameeh Al-Qasem is one of the famous contemporary Palestinian Poet, which his name was connected to the revolutions poetry.

He is born in the village of Al-Ramma in Aaka in Palestine in 1939, he studied in the schools of Al-Ramma and Al-Nasra. He taught in one of the schools, then he dismissed to his political activity in the communist party.

His life:


Sameeh Al-Qasem’s father was a captain in  the eastern Jordan border forces. Officers usually lived there with their families. When the family was on its way back to Palestine by train during the world war 2, Sameeh, which was a baby then cried, therefore the passengers were afraid that German planes may recognize them. They were afraid that they threatened to kill the baby, which made his father draw his weapon to stop them.

When Sameeh grew up he was told this story that left a great effect on him, and said: “they tried to shut me up since I was a baby, I’ll show them I’m going to speak whenever I want and in the loudest voice. No one will be able to silence me.”

Sameeh Al-Qasem was a prisoner more than once, he was also forced to allegibrate residence, he was fired many times because of his poetry and political activities, and been threatened to be killed inside his hometown and outside it.


Sameeh Al-Qasem wrote many novels, and until he got 30 years old he had published 6 poems that earned great publicity in the Arab world.

He was president of the Arab writers union, and the Palestinian writers asscociaton. He is today the president of editing the “All Arabs” newspaper from Al-Nasera.

He published more than 60 books in Poetry, theater, and articles.

Many of his poems were translated to English, French, Turkish, Russian, German, Japanese, and many other languages.


The awards he won:

•       Sameeh Al-Qasem earned many awards, shields, and certificates

•       He won the Poetry bay from Spain

•       He won two awards from France because of his poems that were translated to France

•       He won twice the Jerusalem cultural medal from the president Yaser Arafaat

•       He won the Najeeb Mahfouz from Egypt

•       And the Palestinian poetry award