Sahar Khalifeh


 Sahar Khalifeh


Sahar Khalifeh is a writer, novelist, researcher, and a  Palestinian historian. She was born in Nabless in  1941, she is one of the Palestinian writers that  published many important books that earned many  appreciation, and criticism in the same time.


Her first book is “We’re not near you anymore”  published in 1974, she wrote the book secretly because of the hard psychological circumstances she lived after a typical marriage that she was forced after 13 years to get divorce, and got free to her writings.


She got her backaloria from the “Pierre Zeit” university in the western bank, and an English literature master certificate from North Carolina university in the USA, then a PHD from the University of Iowa.


Right now she’s president of women and family affairs in Nabless.

She made many literature accomplishes with her novels, her books were able to get to major European publishers.

Until now she has written 9 novels.

Her books are translated to more than 13 languages, and many researches are made based on her books. She earned many international awards like the “Alberto Morafia” award in Italy, the “Servantes” award in Spain, the Najeeb Mahfouz award, and the “Simon De Boufar” that she rejected for patriotic reasons in 2009.


Sahar Khalifeh even has a great Arabian and International appearance.