Ram Allah


Ram Allah


Ram Allah is one of the most important cities in the Palestinian bank in terms of political and cultural activities.

Ram Allah had 58 villages, after 1948 war they increased to 74 villages. The city’s population in 1922 was 30005 person, and in 1945 they were 47280.

Ram Allah is famous for planting olives, the Ram Allah oil is one of the finest oils in the world, and grapes, citrus fruits, and vegetables are planted in the city.

In 1942-1943 there were 5 girls schools, 20 boys schools, that number increased in 1966-1967 to 63 boys schools, 57 for girls, and 11 mixed schools.

Ram Allah is the only Palestinian city that Jews weren’t able to steal from it any village until 1967. In 14 May 1948 the British mandate on Palestine ended, and Ram Allah was under the Jordan mandate until 1967, when armed Zionist organizations invaded Palestine and Ram Allah.

The city is north to Jerusalem, 16 km far from it, and 860 meters above sea level.

The size of its lands is 14706 donm, and its population in 1922 was 3067 1987 they were 24772, and in 1996 they were 20561.

As a result of Ram Allah being an important city it had a great number of educational, social, and economical services.

The Israeli authorities stole huge lands of Ram Allah and built many settlements on it. In the end of 1987 there were about 30 settlements.