Palestinian Refugees

The Palestinian refugees’ problem is the oldest and biggest issue in the United Nation’s Schedule. For 5 decades Palestinian refugees suffered from injustice after they were emigrated from their houses and forced to live in camps without the least of Human rights.

Palestinian Refugees – 1948

In the period between 1917-1949 Israel invaded 78% of Palestine and caused the fleet of more than 750000 Palestinians to Ghaza and the Western back, in addition to other Arab countries like Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. Nevertheless the Palestinian refugees crisis, which are about 3.4 million now, is the most important cause in the middle east.

Some of the main reasons of this crisis:

       1.The British Mandate:

The British Mandate law stated that “The British Mandate government should encourage with the help of the Jewish agency the immigration of Jews to Palestine and the confiscation of its lands”. As a result of this law the British representative in Palestine Herbert Samuel declared a transfer of property law.

In August, 1924 the British mandate government confiscated huge lands of Palestine and gave it to the Jewish agency. Also, the British mandate government donated 75000 donms to “Botatch” Jewish company, and 18000 donms to the Jewish electricity company.

        2.The Division plan:

The 1947 division plan came to complete the harsh laws and military orders that the British founded. The division of Palestine wasn’t fair and illegal because it failed to consult the majority of Palestinians, who were 90% of the residents of Palestine. The declaration lacked justice because it gave the Jews, who were less 56% of the land and most of it are fertile coast lands, but gave the Palestinians 43% of Palestine.

Starting from 19 November, 1947 the tension between Arabs and Jews in Palestine increased. The British government declared its plan to leave the Palestinian lands in 15 May, 1948.

The declaration of Israel was declared in 15 May, 1948 with Haieem Wizeman as president.

            3.Economical State:

Since 1920 the British Mandate Government put a difficult economic state, in addition to an unstable political state to make the establishing of the Zionist Occupation easier, and force Palestinians to ask for job opportunities in nearby Arab countries.

               4.Zionist Slaughters:

So that unarmed Palestinians would leave their homes, Zionist armed organizations like the Argon, Hajana, and String appealed to use terrorism after many other ways failed. In

9 April, 1948 the Argon organization attacked the Deir Yaseen village in Jerusalem.

The goal behind this slaughters and many others is to frighten Palestinian Arabs, and to force them to run away.

Before 15 May, 1948 when the British Government was still in charge Jews invaded many Arabian cities like Yafa, Heifa and many villages and more than 300,000 Palestinian was kicked from their homes.

             5.The Israeli Army:

Because of the Israeli Army’s violence that continued after 1948 war against Palestinians, many of them were forced to immigrate to Gaza, and the West Bank.