Palestine Before Islam

Humans lived in Palestine since the old ages, there are monuments that return to the Old Stone Age (500 thousand-14 thousand B.C.).

In the modern stone age there (8000-4500 B.C.), the human life became more stable, and humans began to produce food rather than collecting it from hunting. In “Areha” the first signs of stability appeared, and it’s considered until now one of the oldest cities of the world.

During the third millennium before Christ the Amorites and the Canaanites immigrated to Palestine as long as the Phoenicians. The Canaanites settled down in the plains of Palestine, the Amorites lived in the mountains, and the Phoenicians settled down in the north coast of Palestine and Lebanon.

Historians see that the Amorites, Canaanites, and the Phoenicians  immigrated from the Arabian Peninsula and that the current people of Palestine are a breed from these ancient peoples or Arabs and Muslims that settled down in Palestine as a result of the Islamic conquest.

The Canaanites immigration was huge, so they became the native residents of Palestine, and the name “the land of Canaan” is the oldest name that Palestine was known as.

The Canaanites founded most of the cities of Palestine and they were not beneath two hundred cities during the second millennium before Christ and before the Hebrews Jews came to it, (Areeha, Jerusalem, Nabless, Bisan, Aaka, Heifa, Alkhaleel, and Beit Lahem are the oldest cities of Palestine).

In the Middle Bronze Age the Hyksos ruled the land during the centuries (18-16 B.C.), and in this age about 1900 B.C Abraham peace be upon him with his brother Lut PBUH came to Palestine, where Ismail, Yaakoub, and Isaac peace be upon them were born.

The historical monuments show that Moses PBUH leaded the people of Israel towards the holy land, then the establishment of Kingdom of Dawood and Slemman peace be upon them took place 1004-923 B.C that divided to the kingdom of Israel 923-722 B.C and the kingdom of Judah 923-586 B.C, each one of the kingdoms ruled a limited part of the land.

Since 730 B.C Palestine became under the Assyrians rule that came from Iraq, until 645 B.C the Babylonians inherited the land from them to 539 B.C, the Assyrians and the Babylonians traded the power on Palestine along with Egypt.

Then the Persians invaded Palestine and ruled it between 539-332 B.C, after the Persians Palestine became under the influence of the Romans. After the Roman empire divided Palestine became under the power of the eastern Roman empire, and it’s capital was Constantine , until the Islamic conquest freed Palestine and gave an Islamic impression in the year 636.