Naji Al-Ali

Naji Al-Ali


Naji Al-Ali was born in Palestine, in the village of “Al-Shajarah” in 1939, which was between Al-Nasera and Tabariah, after 1948 he lived with his family in “Ein Al-Helweh” this life was an inspiration for him to draw.

In 1960 he entered the Lebanon arts academy. However, he had to leave it because of the police chasing him.


In 1963 he left to Kuwait to work as a caricature in the “Taleaa” newspaper, there he started to signature his drawings with a small boy, which became then the fighter (Hanthala).

In 1977 he worked in “The Safeer” Lebanese newspaper, and he had daily published comics. In 1979 he was elected as a president of the Arab Caricature association.

In 1983 he worked in “Al-Qabas” Kuwait newspaper after he was forced away from Lebanon, and he left it in 1985 to work for “Al-Qabas” international newspaper in London.

He also published three books in 1976, 1983, 1985. More than 40000 Characteristic drawings were published throughout his life. He set up many expositions, and participated in many Arab and International expositions.


His Death:


In 22 July 1987 the story of his assassination takes place in the “Ives” street. When he arrived to the “Al-Qabas” newspaper office an anonymous man approached to him and shot him near his nose from a gun, Naji Al-Ali fell to the ground while the assassin ran away, then he entered into a comma.

In 29 August 1987 Naji Al-Ali died after a month of his comma