Nabless is the heart of Palestine, it’s located in the middle of the country connecting its north to its south. Nabless includes 130 small villages in 1965.

Nabless is an old Canaanite town, its history returns to 9000 years ago. It’s 500 meters above sea level.

The city started growing after 1945 until its size became 5571 donm. Nabless started growing after the events of 1948, after invading Palestine the city’s population and buildings increased, as a result of many refugees who came to the city and built camps around it.

The City became two parts the “old town” in the middle, and the new town on its edges because of its modern roads, and buildings.

In 1967 a lot of residents left the city so the city’s population decreased from 53 thousand to 44 thousand. Then it increased to 80 thousand in 1983, and in 1996 they were 102462.

Nabless remained an important economical center famous for fabric, leather, Chemicals, and Industrial products.

Nabless and its villages were victims of the Israeli settlement project.