Mahmoud Darwish


Mahmoud Darwish


Mahmoud Darwish is born in the village of Al-Berwah east of Aaka in 1942, he is the second son of a family of 5 sons and 3 daughters. He left the village when he was six because of the bombing in 1948. Therefore he went with one of his relatives wandering in the woods when he found himself in southern Lebanon.

After a year he returned along with his uncle secretly to Palestine.  He continued his elementary education after returning from Lebanon in the school of Deir Al-Assad undercover because he was that he will get exiled once again if anyone knew he returned to Palestine, and he lived that period deprived from the Palestinian nationality.


He studied the Arabian language, English, and Hebrew, and was accused of doing activities against the Israel nation, so he was arrested five times in 1961, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1969, and he was forced to algebraic stays .


He joined the Israel communist party, and worked in the “Etihad” newspaper. He got a scholarship from Moscow in 1970, so he traveled to it, and he didn’t return to Palestine after finishing his studies. He went to Egypt, then Lebanon, where he worked in publishing  enterprises.

He has many poetry, from his poems he wrote birds without wings 1960, Olive leaves 1964, A lover from Palestine 1966, A Diary of a Palestinian wound, The end of the night 1967, Writing by the light of the gun, and many others. All of his poetry was put into one unified book that was published in 1977.


Awards he won:

•       The lotus Prize in 1969

•       The Mediterranean sea award in 1980

•       The Palestinian revolution shield in 1981

•       The European panel of poetry in 1981

•       The Soviet Union Ibn Seena award in 1982

•       The Soviet Union Leenin award in 1983


The Positions he held:


He held the president of the writers and Palestinian journalists association, he edited in the newspaper of Al-Karmel. He lived in Paris before returning to his homeland, and got a permit to go to Israel to visit his mother. While he was there the Jews decided to let Mahmoud Darwish stay in Palestine.

Without any hesitation Mahmoud Darwish made a visit to Heifa after 40 years of absence, that was like a dream come true for a son to meet his homeland after long years of immigration.

His death:

He died in the United states of America in Saturday 9 August 2008 after a heart surgery, which he entered afterwards in a comma that led to his death after the doctors decision to remove his respiratory equipment.