The city of Janeen stands on the same spot that the city Ein Janeem stood, which means (the eye of gardens). That’s why it’s called Janeen because of the gardens surrounding it.


During the Roman rule on that spot existed a village called Jenai, which was freed by the Muslims in the seventh century, and was known as Janeen till today.


The city of Janeen is a transportation installment between the transportation roads that come from Nables, Bisan, and the transportation roads headed to Heifa, Al-Nasra, Nables, and Jerusalem.


It is located north Nables, it’s 41 kilometers far from Nables, and 250 meters above sea level.

The population of Janeen in the year 1922 was 2637 people, in 1967 about 13365 people along with the residents of camp Janeen, in 1996 according to the Palestinian statistic they were 23802 people living in the city.

Janeen had before 1948 70 small and big villages, but after 1948 they were only 19 villages

Janeen fought the battle of existence against Zionist armed organizations, that tried stealing the city.

Janeen was surrounded in 3 June 1948 by 4000 Zionist soldiers,  Those soldiers took over most the neighborhoods’ in the city,  whilst the defending fighters of the city made the police  department in the western entrance to the city a base.

After asking for help about 500 Iraqi soldiers, and 100 Palestinian  fighter from nearby villages came to free the surrounded city.

After furious battles outside the town, and in its streets the  Zionists gave up. Therefore the city was free In 4 June 1948, and  stayed under the Jordan rule until the year 1967.

As the rest cities of Palestine the Zionists stole huge lands of Janeen, and built about ten settlements on those lands.