Heifa is one of the pre-historic cities. Historians  found remains of skeletons that return to the stone  age.

The Canaanites were the first to live in the city and  build it along with its villages.

Heifa is the third biggest city in Palestine after  Jerusalem and Yafa, It is located on the  Mediterranean sea near Aakas south bay.

Heifa’s size in 1945 was 54305 Donms, its population  in 1922 were about 24634, in 1945 about 138300, and in 1948 it decreased to 88893.

Heifas geographical location played a big role in its Architectural, tourism, and trading growth. The Hijaz railroad that existed from 1905 increased the importance of the city, and the port that the Ottomans built in 1908.

Heifa is an active cultural, and political center.

In the period between 21-23 April 1948 Haifa fell into the hands of Zionist armed organizations after furious battles between the Jihadists defending Haifa and its villages, and the Zionists. The Zionist organizations made bloody slaughters against Palestinians, as a result of these slaughters 75000 Arabs immigrated from the city.