The city of Ghaza is one of the oldest cities in the world, it is considered as the gate of Asia, and the entrance to Africa because of its geographical location between Egypt and Al-Sham, and between Asia and Africa. Ghaza was throughout history a transportation ring, therefore it’s an international trading city.

Its location gave Ghaza a strategic, and militarily reputation. Ghaza is the front line of defense to Palestine, and it plays a big role in defending Egypt, which made the city a battle square to the old and modern empires.

The Canaanites founded the city in the third millennium before Christ, and Called it Ghaza. The Arabs called it Ghazet Hashem in relation to Hashem Bin Abd Monaf the uncle of the prophet Muhammad (SAW). Old Ghaza was built on a cliff 45 meters above sea level, the city was surrounded by a great wall with walls in its four sides. The Ghaza sector is 40 km long, it’s 5-8 km wide, and hundred thousands of Palestinians refugees came to Ghaza after the war of 1948.

In 1922 the city’s population was 17426 person, in 1967 there were 87793 person in the city. Ghaza is now the biggest Palestinian city in terms of population, most of the city’s population are refugees, more than 716000 refugees live in Ghaza according to the UNRWA statistics.