Ghasan Kanafani

Ghasan Kanafani


Ghasan Kanafani is a member of the political office of the people  association for the liberation of Palestine.

Ghasan Kanafani was assassinated in 8/7/1972 with his niece  Lamis because of a bomb in his car.

Ghasan Kanafani Is a writer, artist, and a Palestinian fighter that  was born in Aaka in 9/4/ 1936, he started his elementary  education in the school of Al-fareer in Haifa, where his father  was working as a lawyer, and he didn’t complete his education  because of the 1948 events, and the falling of Aaka in  16/5/1948.

Ghasans family left to Lebanon for a while, then moved to Syria,  and settled in Damascus.

He got the elementary education certificate in 1953, and worked  as a teacher for the UNRWA schools In Damascus. After that he  got his higher education certificate and left Damascus in 1955 to  go to Kuwait to work as a teacher in its schools.


He got a certificate in Arab literature.

Ghasan Kanafani left Kuwait in 1960 to Beirut, where he joined the freedom newspaper editing crew. He supervised on the weekly supplement that the Editors newspaper published in the name of Palestine.

Then he became president of the Anwar daily newspaper 1967-1969. In 26/7/1969 Ghasan Kanafani left the Anwar newspaper to work as a president of editing the goal newspaper that the people association for the liberation of Palestine published it after he became a member of the association and a representative of the association.

This is a list of the newspapers he worked for:

•       A member in the “opinion” newspaper editing crew in Damascus

•       A member in the “Freedom” newspaper editing crew in Beirut

•       The president of the “Editors” newspaper in Beirut

•       The president of the “Palestine” extension in the “Editors” newspaper

•       The owner and president of the “Goal” newspaper in Beirut

•       In addition to many novels and literature writings

Ghasan Kanafani published until the early date of his death 18 books, and wrote hundreds of articles about culture, politics, and the Palestinian struggle.

After his assassination all his publishes were republished in the Arab language. Most of Ghasan Kanafanis books were translated to 17 languages, and spread to 20 countries. Some of them were transferred to theatrical plays, and 2 of his writings were transferred to movie films. Until now his literature writings that he wrote between 1956 and 1972 are still get great attention.

Even if most of Ghasan Kanafanis writings, and his short stories were written in the Palestinian cause, nevertheless his literature talents gave his publishes worldwide interest.