Beit Lahem

Beit Lahem

Beit Lahem is located south of Jerusalem, it is  named by one of the Canaanite gods.

First who lived in Beit Lahem was a Canaanite  village in 2000 B.C

It is told that the prophet Yaqoub PBUH came to  the city in his way to Al-Khaleel.

It gained a great popularity when the Christ was  born in a church built by the Roman prince  Constantine inside the city.

The city is located on a high mountain 789 meters above sea level, in the north of the Jerusalem mountains, and 10km away from Jerusalem.

In 1922 about 6658 people were living In the city, in 1945 about 8820 people, in 1967 they were 16300, and in 1987 they were 34200.

Beit Lahem is a tourism city, tourists visit it for Hajj, and it has many famous landmarks.