Nasserah (Nazareth) a city of historic Palestine is one of the    largest Arab cities in Palestine, the city became an  administrative, cultural center, and the main center for Arabs 48.The population of the city of (Nazareth) Nasserah in 2010 was about 72.500 people.

City of Nazareth, an ancient city, known and inhabited since  ancient times in spite of passing some time periods which were not important for the city. Also archaeological excavations showed that Nazareth was inhabited in the Bronze Age and Iron Age Mediterranean.

Nazareth is located in the heart of the lower Jalil, which is lower than the rest of the parts of Galilee, rising above it with an altitude of 600 meters above sea level.

Nazareth rise 400 meters above sea level, a meeting point of Marj Ibn Amer steppe region with the (Jalil) Galilee Top mountain. Nazareth is about 24km far from the Lake of Galilee (Tiberias Lake). It was because of its geographical importance since ancient times that it was reached by minor roads linking main roads between Syria and Egypt on the one hand and between Jordan and Palestine on the other.

Geographical factors in Al-Nassera have played a major role in the ways of living for the habitants of the city, they deprived them of Agriculture, in addition to nature not providing them with elements of rich agricultural. Al-Nassera is separated from neighboring areas because of the surrounding mountains, the lack of presence of plains, and the white soil of Al-Nassera that hinders agriculture.

The climate of the city of Nazareth is cold in the winter, and it rains in the city frequently, but it is also known to have a warm, and dry summer. The conditions of the climate of the city of Nazareth is different from the rest of the cities of Palestine, for its presence in the north of the country and its proximity to the Mediterranean sea, it’s winter is rainy and summer is cool. Despite the presence of a mountain barrier that deflects the wind, the city doesn’t get a large share of rain as the north of Galilee receives.