Al-Khaleel is one of the oldest cities of the world, its history  returns to 5500 years, the Prophet Ibrahim may peace be  upon him visited the city before 3800 years. It was named  Al-Khaleel because of him, it contains his remains, his wife  Sarah’s remains, and his family.

Al-Khaleel is the second sacred land in Palestine for the  Muslims, it was built by the Canaanites, and it was called  the village of Arbaa because of its builder Arbaa.

In 1948 armed Zionist organizations invaded 16 villages from Al-Khaleel, and in 1967 Al-Khaleel was invaded.

Al-Khaleel is 36 kilometers south of Jerusalem on a cliff that’s 940 meters above sea level. It’s connected with Jerusalem and Beit lahem in a main road, and it’s located on the road that passes through the middle of Palestine connecting Al-Sham to Egypt.


It’s middle location gave the city the advantage to be a trade center, it was known that it’s a city surrounded by agricultural lands, it’s famous for it’s grapes, also olives, vegetables, and beans are planted on these lands.

The city’s population in the year 1922 was 16577 person, in 1967 there were 38300, and it kept increasing until it reached 94758 person in 1996.

The Israel authorities made colonial belts around the city, it occupied the center of Al-Khaleel, and built settlements inside the Arabian neighborhoods.

In Al-Khaleel there are more than 20 settlements built by Zionist authorities.