Edward Saeed

Edward Saeed

Edward Saeed was born in Jerusalem in the first of November 1935 for  a Christian family.

He began his study in the college of Victoria in Cairo, and then Edward  travelled to the United States as a student, and got his backaloria  certificate from the university of Princeton in 1957, then his Master  degree in 1960, and his PHD from Harvard university in 1964.

Edward Saeed spent most of his academic life as a teacher in the  university of Columbia in New York. But he used to be a visiting  professor in many big universities like Yale, Harvard, and John Hopkins.

He was a member of the American arts and science academy, the Royal literature society.

Edward spoke Arab, English, and French fluently. And Knew a little German, Spanish, Italian, and Latin.

He published researches, studies, and many articles in various topics, from English Literature, which was his line of study, to music and many other cultural interests.

In 1977 Edward Saeed was elected as a member in the Palestinian national board, and he stayed in it until 1991, when he resined. He was also an official speaker of the Palestinian case.

Nevertheless, Edward Saeed was a bright musician, he plays the piano greatly.

From his books “The Orientalism” in 1978, “The Palestinian case” in 1979.

Edward Saeed was always a strong and permanent critic to Israel for what he considered is an insult to the Palestinian nation.

He died in one of New York’s hospitals in 25 September 2003 after 67 years because of pancreatic cancer.